Twirls Ambassador Program

Accepting Applications for 2024-2025 starting June 6th!

All applications must be submitted by July 12th.

Interviews will be held week of July 15th (could be zoom if out of town), and ambassadors announced by August 1st.

As a Twirls Ambassador, you'll represent our brand with elegance, confidence, and style, showcasing the latest trends in prom and formal wear while connecting with our community. You will play a pivotal role in promoting the brand through social media, events, and other promotional activities, sharing your experiences with Twirls' stunning dresses and helping fellow prom-goers find the perfect gown for their special night. We're excited to have you join the Twirls Ambassador Program and join us in celebrating individuality and empowering young people to shine on their special occasions.


Participation Requirements

  • Availability: Be available during the homecoming season (August-November) and prom season (January-May).
  • Professional Appearance: Come dressed professionally, with makeup done and hair polished, for events and content creation.
  • Application and Interview: Be willing to fill out an application and complete an interview.
  • In-Store Visits: Commit to visiting Twirls once a month to film a 'takeover' and create social media content.
  • Photoshoot Participation: Be willing to participate in at least one homecoming photoshoot and one prom photoshoot.
  • Social Media Comfort: Be comfortable using all social media platforms.
  • Social Media Presence: Have your personal Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok PUBLIC, and follow @Twirlsbridalandformal.
  • Posting Commitment: Share/reshare a story at least once a week on social media and post once a month to your feed using the hashtag #TwirlsAmbassador.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Share behind the scenes photos or videos on Instagram Stories during your photoshoots and tag the store.


  • 25% Off Dress Purchase: Enjoy a discount as a thank you for your participation.
  • Leadership and Marketing Experience: Gain valuable leadership and social media marketing experience, enhancing your resume.
  • Digital Photo Files: Receive digital photo files of any professional shots taken.

Inspiration and Empowerment: Inspire other young individuals to look and feel their best in all aspects of life.


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